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Book Chapters

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1. Techno-economic algal biomass drying by Frame Ooze Out Technique (FOOT).
Indian Patent, Filed No: 201641042909 dt 16/12/2016 and Published on 30/12/2016
Inventors: Thajuddin, N., Baldev, E., MubarakAli, D and C. Arutselvan
Year: 2016
Significant: Inexpensive microalgal biomass harvesting technology from 35,000 litre capacity Raceway pond

2. Treading Homogeneous Gas Phase Active Species for the Preparation of Cyanobacterial Axenic Culture, a Jet (THAJ) method.
Indian Patent, Filed No: 201741043178 dt 01/12/2017 and Published in 49/2017 on 26/01/2018
Inventors: MubarakAli, D., Thajuddin, N and E. Baldev
Year: 2017
Significant: An inexpensive process of developing axenic culture of unicellular cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus by treating ozone (O3).